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Maps. Where I've been to this Holidays. (Pt2)
Sunday, January 2, 2011

Note : These are just a few of the places I've been to in Japan.. :)

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Short and Sweet description.

(PS: They are not in order... Just random)
1. Universal Studios and Disney Land.
I had my first ever roller coaster ride in Disneyland. It's called Space Mountain. Super dark inside! It was so cold at Disney Land! The wind was ripping our faces apart. Luckily, it was sunny, so at least we had some ''heat''.
Crazy outdoor ride at Universal Studios...! I had my worst minute on a roller coaster (LOL), it was even colder than Disney Land!!! D:
Yep, my family and I also ate alot of things (ice-cream, hot dog, popcorn...) there, took a many other couple of rides (some were boring), i had a fun day photo taking too!.
Overall, I lurveee both parks! And we spent one whole day per park. :)

2. Mount Fuji.
Well, since my family and I were on a group tour, the whole group rode on a bus as the driver brought us to the FIFTH STATION! The tour guide was practically rambling on, until he saw many of us dozing off, and he keep his mouth shut... (lol)
All of us were VERY LUCKY, and FORTUNATE, because, it is rare to be able to be on the fifth station of Mount Fuji. (About... 2000+ metres?)Especially if the weather was bad, we wouldn't even have got onto the 3rd station... On the very special day, it was really VERY. CLOUDLESS. (Actually most of the days were, except for the last two days of the tour.)
What we did mostly there was to take photos and (thank GOD we could go up there) and. MUM. thought that the ice was snow. -.-""

3. Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion)
Photo taking, of course. That photo was by my brother. There were many visitors there too. And I didn't like the walking path. Too much ''shells...?" (What do you call the, what?)
There were some people throwing coins for luck or something like that at designated places, and I saw two 'charm stuff' shops. When we ended the walk, I went to the toilet (And I was disgusted.) Haha.

(Above these stuff are like brief reviews too lorhs.)